The final closed meeting of Presidium of the International Academy of social technologies ( took place on December, 29, 2011, on which the members of presidium came forward with lectures on results of work in 2011. The key lecture of meeting was a report of Chairman of Presidium of the International Academy of social technologies of Chigirev Victor A., doctor of military Sciences, professor, academician on a theme «About the doctrine of unlethal war», in which professor Chigirev V.A. developed Conception of soft force (Authors are specialists from Pentagona, USA), eliminating violence as method of prosecution of war.

With explanations of some of theses statements by the Chairman of Presidium of the International Academy of social technologies of Chigirev V.A. for a wide audience is the report of the President of the International Academy of social technologies of Yunatskevich P.I.

Yunatskevich Peter Ivanovich
President of the International Academy
of social technologies
Director of Scientific Consortium
of humanitarian and social high-tech
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Doctrine of unlethal war

Ideas of the Chairman of the Presidium of the International Academy of social technologies (, of Professor Victor A. Chigirev about the new doctrine of unlethal war develop the concept of soft force, as proposed by scientists from the U.S., which implies the exclusion of violence as a new method of warfare.
Nowadays there are no absolute principles - moral, ethical and moral values in any business . They do not exist and in a new model of war - unlethal war or network war. The old morality, based on the declared universal values, collapsed and gave way to a utilitarian, monetary, pragmatic value system (the Cult of money). The key problems of contemporaneity are the organized crime and parasitic capital, which impose a moratorium on conducting nuclear war, the prosecution of thermonuclear lethal war and require new and unlethal decisions.
The modern citizen of any state of the planet is not going to give up their lives for the ideals of the affected double moral standards. Believing in money as in God, replacing faith in God by faith in Money, the modern man spends all his energy on the capture of material (financial) resources. Moral holocaust happened on the planet: balance of material and non-material values was broken in favor of the dictate of material values, aspirations and actions to redistribute of planetary resources. All moral values are deformed by primitivization of motivational sphere of modern man, namely, the transition to a model developed by Professor Chigirev V.A., that we contingently named the model of "cognitive rat". This model is the most adequate to describe the person who has a problem of moral crisis. The model uses behavioristic approach in which all human needs can be reduced to three components - "FRD":
- «F» is food (a modern equivalent of food is a money), its booty at any cost for providing of survival;
- «R» – at presence of food (enough money) is reproduction, the reproduction of generation and (or) monopoly on the best women and continuous sexual entertainments;
- "D" - domination over others to get more money and to have the best women and to do what you want, erecting the desires in the grade of law and obligations for execution other social subjects.

"Cognitive rat" are not going to fight from a threat to lose their lives and health, however there are ready to conduct bitter war unlethal means, assuming casual fatal outcomes and unplanned suicides of social subjects.
The purpose of unlethal war is a construction on the planet of an open and free civil society, consists of social subjects (citizens, organizations, associations, states and international unions, concords and alliances), which are creative and do not damage other social subjects with ideas, words and business.
An internal and external enemy of civil society is a social parasite (actual and latent), living due to others and causing harm to other social subjects (individuals, organizations, associations, states and unions) by an ideas, word and business.
The unlethal war’s weapon is: informative hubs; directed discourse; shals harm and threats.
The scales of estimation of harm and threats are developed by professor Chigirevym V.A. and his military-scientific school:
- Department of social technologies and social security of the International Academy of social technologies (;
- Institute of Social Technologies (;
- Center of military- humanities researches (;
- Institute of morality (

Directed discourse destroys or collects any quasi - social subject (organization, government, associations and unions). Informative-organizational weapon of the VI technological mode is more effectively and cheaper neutron weapons. Property is not damaged during the disassembly of the social subject. Thus destruction of any social subject even if it is a social parasite obvious to a society isn't supposed.
Each social subject is falling into pieces during disassembly which are synthesized in the new social subject, excluding parasitic behavior at the initial stage of the development. Parasitic tendencies will remain in the latent, potential condition if the social environment doesn't allow. Here is more appropriate to talk about the moral education of social subjects - technological realization of the rule "YNE": do not damage yourself, your neighbors and the environment by ideas, words and business; create for themselves, neighbors, environmental by ideas, word and business (informal education).
The effective weapon of V technological mode to obtain a striking (harm) effect to carry out concentration of the distributed crowd is mass media. All are dispersed in different places, connected to one or several channels of mass-media, didn't see each other and receive misinformation and become the objects of manipulations. This technology leads to the death of the social subject so as social subject ceases to affect the processes of managing your life, a loses domination positions, substantially and permanently limit in the realization of the needs to breed and have the best women, loses volumes of extraction of money becouse he can’t get it.
The information-organizational weapon, or its conversion version (high humanitarian and social technologies,, the Scientific Consortium of high humanitarian and social technologies) VI technological mode is based on the application of mobile, virtual crowds, which could inflict striking a blow of such power, to handle a real crowd on the street. You can also get a creative effect by using of virtual crowds for striking a blow to the rhizome’s social environment.
The rhizome’s social environment is needed to be understood as the social environment stably astably developing and self-organizing, ignoring any attempts of cognitive control that is management from a single center.
The result of our scientific and practical work in 2011 is development a doctrine of total unlethal network war.
We offer a unlethal tools of global wars, the relevant requirements of the VI technological mode (the collection and parsing of the social subject) as a result of 2011.
The strategy of unlethal war is construction on the planet of an open global civil society in which the subject will be revive and solve a question of restriction of the organized crime and the parasitic capital.
The tactics of unlethal war is minimization of threats (the organized crime and the parasitic capital) through a mass valuation of harm from each social parasite (actual or hidden).
Operational art (strategy) is the design of information hubs on the basis of the use of scales of assessment of the damage and threats.
The new stage of the progress of military science in 2012 is concerned with the development and implementation of tools of the global unlethal wars (information hubs, aimed discourses, harm and threats).
As professor Chigirev V.A. points in his research, "the social system and environment are out of control, nobody knows what will be tomorrow and what happened yesterday, and if you look closely, nobody understands what is happening today." Regulatory action on the social environment are made in the interim civilian planes negative consent. The task of modern specialists in information and organizational weapon, a high humanitarian and social technologies isn’t constructing a hell on the Earth but the avoidance of hell.

The task of social engineers and social designers, representatives of the new professions of the XXI century, is cutting the worst but not selection of the best in the cognitive control centers.
Nowadays we need to ensure a bloodless redistribution of the planet's resources, to move from manual control of a single centre of will and arbitrariness to the complex systems control, reflecting the contradictory essence of the subject of management - a dynamic and highly unlinear (rhizome’s) the social environment, consists of set of social subjects. Therefore, an important component of information and organizational weapon VI technological mode is directed discourse, which has a complex and nonlinear structure, identical to the object of management actions of rhizome’s social environment.
The use of high humanities and social technologies in commercial and creative purposes is closely associated with the cluster analysis and synthesis. The assembly of a new social subject, the capitalization of which is comparable with the income of the economy of the country average level of development, is carried out by means of the analysis of clusters and their synthesis, and further maintenance of sustainable development in a stable unstable social environment. The period of sustainable development is closely related to the amount of harm that the social subject causes other social subjects in the process of their vital activity.
Because of the unpredictable phenomenon directed discourse, as have been shown by the practice of our research and experiments in 2011, there are the subject-object transitions. This happens when the organizer of the discourse itself may become the subject of discussion and evaluation of the damage that will lead to its rapid social death. Therefore, social subjects, associated with the processes of application of other social subjects of harm, can not be immersed in the discursive processes. However, other social actors can easily and cheaply apply the elements of information-organizational weapons and to receive as the result disintegration of the object of their influence.
Intermediate result of the unlethal war is the result of the limitations of social parasitism of specific subjects, using the organized crime and parasitic financial capital for realization of the "FRD" (needs in receiving the money, the reproduction and domination).
Unlethal war is not aimed at the destruction of social parasites. It is a unique cultural layer of humanity, the liquidation of which is an equivalent to suicide of the civilization. The social parasite cannot be destroyed, repress, as it generates significant social myths, forming the illusion of stability and "predictability "of tomorrow for the other social subjects. In this regard, a new war is still going on under the motto "the renunciation of violence as a new method of warfare". There is no doubt that those leaders that are pursuing a policy of elimination of social parasites, kill their people in different "legal" grounds in general eliminate the life layer in the social environment, without which this environment will break down and lead to another catastrophe.
In this regard, we are proponents of a moratorium on the deprivation of human life and the creation of a new legal norm prohibiting liquidate the organization (which has become a quasi-social subject, and not just a bureaucratic fiction) of any form of ownership, as long as it does not re-format in a mode of self-government and self-regulation of its members. Organization, as well as people in the modern world today must get the right to live and ensure the continuity of that tradition. In the same of unlethal wars exactly the organization becomes a target for informational and organizational impacts.
The function of the internal and external security of the organization performs the discursive process, the launch of which is possible in the presence of the relevant experts. The preparation of such experts is also a question which is only beginning to be discussed:
- Conflictologist (or Bachelor / Master in conflict resolution studies);
- Social technologist (or Bachelor / Master of social technologies);
- Social engineer (or Bachelor / Master of social engineering);
- Social designer (or Bachelor / Master of social engineering);
- Social doctor (or Bachelor / Master of social medicine);
- Specialist on cluster analysis and synthesis (or Bachelor / Master of cluster analysis and synthesis).

Also under the scientific advice of professor Chigirev V.A was the approbation of new military and law enforcement professions.
For the national office of defence:
- military conflictologist (or Bachelor / Master of military-humanitarian profile);
- military social technologist (or Bachelor / Master of social technologies of double destination);
- military analyst (or Bachelor / Master of information confrontation);
- military engineer - programmer and administrator of the information systems of national defence (or Bachelor / Master of military programming and administration of information systems of national defense);
- the commander of the virtual combat system "Smart tank", "Virtual helicopter", "Strategic information and organizational rocket";
- the commander of the system of information confrontation.

For the ministry of internal affairs:
- lawyer - conflictologist (or Bachelor / Master of criminal / civil rights and conflict studies);
- a lawyer and an expert on practical ethics (or Bachelor / Master of criminal / civil law and practical ethics);
- a lawyer and expert on the moral and legal education of adults (or Bachelor / Master of criminal / civil law of the moral and legal education of adults);
- lawyer - specialist in the fight against organized crime and illegal trafficking of finance (or the Bachelor / Master of criminal law and informational confrontation organized crime and illicit trafficking of finance);
- lawyer - programmer and administrator of the information systems of confrontation between organized crime and illicit trafficking of finance (or the Bachelor / Master of criminal law, programming and administration of information systems of confrontation between organized crime and the trafficking in finance);
- lawyer-engineer and administrator of the system of information confrontation crimes criminal gang.
- techniques of system of an information antagonism crimes criminal gang.

For the training of such specialists, leading specialist of our academy professor Chigirev V.A. has developed innovative programs, which we plan to implement in practice in a business partnership with educational institutions of the CIS (, the Russian-Belarusian Union ( and the European Union.
For the effective confrontation and a new type of containment of threats in the conditions of network unethal wars human resources are important - the new elite of society, consists of citizens who are capable to generate a new knowledge. In total unlethal wars there is a need in staff capable to generate a new knowledge. Indeed, this are catalysts of aimed discourses - social engineers witch regulate discursive processes of collecting of the information hubs and evaluate of the damage and threats. The new elite is an elite, having the ability to generate new knowledge. The creation of this elite for the successful containment pressure of external social parasites (parasitic financial capital) is the mission of the national security of any quasi-social subject (state, union, concord, or an alliance of states).
Reference points for the production of staff for national defence under conditions of total unlethal wars are specialized dissertation councils. Bringing in a certain order of specialized dissertation councils can give not only the human resources of the desired quality, but also act as an economic resource, whose work on the volume of cash comparable with any kind of production in the real sector of the economy. The goods here is titled "paper", in which is reflected the desired customer skill level. Organization of trading in such securities is based on an individually adapted scenario. General conditions are as follows: the board should be some young and talented people who can write the qualification works to the customers and carry out their individual training in accordance with the requirements of the acquired skills. Clearly, that logic of requirements from the competitor of graduate degree of the real contribution to science is improper and unprofitable. A young competitor does not possess a necessary experimental, personnel and financial base for the receipt of a new knowledge. Also, considerable part of persons, applying on the high estimation of their creative qualities and cognitive properties, in fact, are very modest persons in an intellectual relation. Here, in our opinion, is more appropriate a traditional approach of Soviet science: education of personnel of high qualification, and not the promotion of science in the course of the dissertation research for a modest research database of candidates degrees. If in the Soviet scientific school on a real doctor of sciences were accounted ten doctors of science, which were " chewing" the ideas of a creative personality, who was provided with the core of the scientific-research institute and gave tens of candidates of sciences in the quality of working hands for a real doctor, so that he could keep moving soviet science forward. And this system was historically justified.
According to some experts, in the Soviet scientific school, 2% actually engaged in the generation of new knowledge, and the rest mastered this knowledge and share them with others. Nowadays while changing the social system, the task of staffing deter threats of the new total unlethal (and lethal local) wars is formed differently. To have 2% of the creative staff, who can generate new knowledge, you also need 98% of the environmental subjects, to use their money for real researchers to provide the labor and qualification documents of the customer, and at that to receive funds for the development of new knowledge, the components of the content of high humanitarian and social technologies of double purpose.
This condition means that the commercialization of specialized dissertation councils of the socio-economically expedient to obtain the new elite, capable of high-quality moderation in social networks and next-generation dual-purpose. The new elite must be ready to asymmetric response to the new challenges and threats to the national security and defense of the state. It is important, that the level of the welfare of the elite is not declining and is not being the object of redistribution of other interested social subjects. Growing such elite can be done in the national dissertation councils, which provide creative individuals a schedule of interaction in which the creative staff will be not swept away by "fits of greed" or " sense of grief for the successes of other people." It is important to provide the work of 1 the generator of ideas so that not less than 10 doctors of sciences and 40 candidates and 40 of the competitors of a scientific degree of the candidate of sciences could work with him. At observance of the conditions of the system of national defense will receive the desired creative person, which will be provided by the performers to gain new knowledge and use them when building the necessary social subjecrs from the point of view of the economy and national security.
When used as quasi-social subject of the information and organizational weapons there is a chaos of social subjects, that make up this quasi-subject. Adequate threats orientation of the quasi-social subject in a controlled chaos can be carried out with the moral compass: does the proposed action of the social subject harm the social subject and its members.
An important tool for the protection of quasi-social subject who creates and enforces the rule of "YNE", according to professor Chigirev V.A. is a strategic discourse with civil society, which needs to be tackled from the point of view of the theory, and the point of view of practice and technology.
Important events in the development of the International Academy of social technologies in 2011, is the establishment of an office in Paris (France) and the department of social technologies and public security in Saint-Petersburg (Russia).
In December 2011, the Department of social technologies and social security of Petr’s Academy of Sciences and Arts (DSTSSPASA), created on the basis of the decision of the Presidium of the Petr’s Academy of Sciences and Arts from march 31, 2006 in St. Petersburg, was reorganized in the Department of social technologies and social security of the International Academy of social technologies. Furthermore, it is fully retained personnel and scientific potential, ensured continuity, and continues participation in the implementation of the Decisions of the Council of heads of governments of the CIS.
DST IAST implementing the aims, tasks and functions of DSTSSPASA.
In December 2011, the reorganization of the institutions of DSTSSPASA of the network institutions DST IAST:
• Institute of morality (;
• Institute of socialism (;
• Institute of real estate and evaluation (;
• Institute for Practical Ethics (;
• Institute of adult education (;
• Institute of integrative medicine (;
• Institute of property (;
• Institute of Social Technologies (
The Chairman of the Bureau of the Department of social technologies of the International Academy of social technologies DST IAST approved Chigirev V.A., doctor of Military Sciences, professor.

Therefore, an important scientific achievement of 2011 is the development of doctrine unlethal war and its instruments.
Research of the phenomenon of social parasitism is, in our opinion, an important task of future, which we intend to solve in 2012.
The perspective task for research of the members of the International Academy of social technologies on the year 2012 is also the development of public instruments of strategic discourse with civil society.

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